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Bridge Type Auto Polishing Machine

  • 1 set
  • T/T or L/C
  • 12 months
  • all voltage range is available
  • 20'GP
  • Xiamen port
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    Product details

    QSM-200 bridge type auto polishing machine is a simple, robust and high-performance polishing machine designed for polishing granite, marble and engineered stone slabs.


    This automatic stone polishing machine is composed of worktable, guide rails, polishing head, polishing head holder, sliding plate, cast iron bridge, motors with planet-cycloid speed reducer, air circuit and control cabinet.


    1. The worktable and bridge guide rail supports are made of concrete. Metal frame guide rail supports are optional for customer.


    2. The bridge guide rails are fitted with racks. Two roller wheels in the two ends of the cast iron bridge seat on the guide rails. The left end of the bridge is fitted with a reducer motor, whose gear works with the racks on the guide rails to drive polishing head move longitudinally.

    3. There is also polishing head holder sliding rail on the bridge and racks fitted on the bridge. Polishing head holder is fitted with a reducer motor, whose gear works with the racks on the cast iron bridge to drive the polishing head holder slides along the sliding rail. In this way, the polishing head can move transversely.


    4. Polishing head mainly consists of grinding head, spindle, spindle housing box, spindle driving motor and air cylinders. Spindle driving motor forces the polishing head into rotation with belt. The air cylinders drive spindle rise and fall in the spindle housing box. So the polishing head realizes its vertical movement. By using a cam structure in the polishing head, the abrasive on the polishing head can oscillate from right to left during grinding operation. In this way, the abrasives have contact with slab from different angles and polish stone better.


    5. The single head polishing machine control electric circuit inside the control cabinet is programmed by PC, which allows for the polishing head to make automatic or semi-automatic polishing in the ways of longitudinal wave, transverse wave or cycle wave.



    Technical Data



    Polishing head number


    Installed total power


    Max. polishing slab size


    Polishing slab thickness


    Spindle rotation speed


    Polishing head transversal moving speed


    Polishing head longitudinal moving speed


    Air consumption

    0.1 m3/min.

    Overall dimensions (LxWxH)


    Approximate weight