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Granite Bridge Saw Machine

  • 1 set
  • T/T or L/C
  • 12 months
  • all voltage range is available
  • 20'GP
  • Xiamen port
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    Product details

    ABWQ-3000A granite bridge saw machine is developed from ABWQ-3000 bridge saw. The main difference between the two models lies in their table. There is a pop-up roller system used in the table of ABWQ-3000A granite bridge saw machine, while the ABWQ-3000 bridge saw doesn't equally have one. So the operator can easily move slabs on the table to get ready for a cutting and unload slabs from the table after a cutting finished.

    ABWQ-3000A granite bridge saw machine is built to be much smaller than heavy duty bridge saws in terms of overall dimension, because stone fabrication shops usually don’t have enough space to stand a huge heavy duty bridge saw. The compact but strong structure design has greatly reduced the manufacturing cost of ABWQ-3000A granite bridge saw machine. This feature makes the small bridge saw machine affordable for most of stone fabricators.

    In addition to its competitive price than heavy duty bridge saw, this small granite bridge saw machine also has the following some advantages:

    1) It's designed to have a simple and sturdy structure, which is strong enough to withstand hard work and bad working circumstances, yet available of easy maintenance.

    2) It is very easy and convenient to operate the granite bridge saw machine. All cutting actions can be commanded via its highly integrated control box. Operator just needs to press the buttons on the control box, the granite bridge saw machine will do the job automatically as required.

    3) High-tech CNC control system has been used in this granite bridge saw machine to get high level of automation. Blade cutting parameters is visible on the LCD screen of the granite bridge saw machine.

    4) The granite bridge saw machine is able to have its cutting head move in X-Y-Z axle three directions at the same time. This ability saves much time for the cutting head to move towards a new position to start a new cutting step.

    5) The granite bridge saw machine cutting head movements either X-axle or Y-axle directions are guided by multiple round steel bars. This design ensures the bridge saw blade is precise and no vibration in its cutting process.

    Technical Data





    Motor power




    Table size (LxWxH)




    Spindle speed




    Cutting head tilt angle

    0˚~ 90˚

    0˚~ 90˚

    0˚~ 90˚

    Max. saw diameter




    Max. cutting length





    granite sink cutting machines 





    The ABWQ-3000A granite bridge saw machine is doing sink cut-out by milling.