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Granite Bridge Saw

  • 1 set
  • T/T or L/C
  • 12 months
  • all voltage range is available
  • 20'GP
  • Xiamen port
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    Product details

    QHW-400A granite bridge saw can be used for various tasks. It is a compact construction with own metal stands. It doesn’t need any concrete foundations but stands on the floor totally by its own frame.
    QHW-400A granite bridge saw is ideal for cutting tombstones, building stones and interior decoration stones like stairs, table tops and window sills, thin tiles, etc. Please have an overview of the following detailed introduction.

    QHW-400A granite bridge saw is versatile and flexible in use:  
    · designed to meet the demands of various stone fabricators.
    · suitable for cutting all kind of natural and artificial stones.
    · smaller sawing areas for small workshops.
    · different rotation speeds to fit different blade sizes and materials.

    Granite bridge saw has been built with high level sawing automation: 
    · compact control panel with LCD display.
    · cutting parameters can be set into the bridge saw machine before cutting start.

    · start to sawing according to the preset parameters, under the control of its PLC system.
    · worktable rotates or turns up automatically in hydraulic.

    Granite bridge saw has been constructed to have accurate sawing ability:
    · robust, sturdy and vibration free design.
    · precise linear guides for both X-axis and Y-axis sawing movements.
    · blade vertical movement with accurate sliding guides.
    · worktable turning mechanism with high quality bearings.

    Be easy operation of the granite bridge saw:
    · control panel easy to understand and logical to operate.
    · clear displays, information shown on the display by English.

    · all commands to the machine is integrated to limited number of buttons and switches.
    · control panel is articulated in the right end of the machine in height of human engineering.

    Efficiency and productivity of the granite bridge saw:
    · simple and easy sawing operations.
    · blade cutting is laser guided to work fast and precise.

    · powerful motors give blade high strength.
    · easy and fast to install, ready for productive operation in a couple of hours.

    Reliability of the granite bridge saw:
    · reliable operation, uncomplicated components, low need for maintenance.
    · greasing points minimized and easy to access.
    · long life guides and rails selected for the bridge saws.

    · well protected against dust and impurities.

    Technical Data



    Disc diameter


    Disc lifting/lowering stroke


    Disc motor power


    Disc lifting/lowering motor power


    Bridge driving motor power


    Worktable length


    Worktable width


    Worktable rotating angle


    Worktable up turning angle


    Machine length


    Machine width


    Machine height


    Approximate weight


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