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Granite Saw

  • 1 set
  • T/T or L/C
  • 12 months
  • all voltage range is available
  • 20'GP
  • Xiamen port
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    Product details

    QZQ-1600 granite saw is a single pillar type stone cutting machine. It is ideal for cutting thick building stone and especially hard stone.

    The pillar and the hang on arm are made of thick cast iron. Blade lifting/lowering movement and right-left movement is motorized with a lead screw and nut system. When the small motor drives the lead screw in running, the blade will make action.

    Blade motor drives blade running indirectly. The action wheel on the blade motor drives the driven wheel in running first by a set of belt. Then the driven wheel transfers its force to the blade spindle by a pair of bevel gears. This force transmission design helps to increase cutting torque and machine working stability.

    The worktable is motorized and the driving motor is covered to protect from dust and water spray. There are two limits on each rail to limit the worktable’s moving range.

    QZQ-1600 granite saw is simple in structure and easy to operate. The operator can master the machine in shirt time and operate the machine do automatic cutting by presetting parameters like cutting depth, slab thickness. It turns out that the slab cut by this machine has smooth surface and consumes less polishing cost.

    Technical Data



    Disc number

    2pcs (dia.1600mm-1pc, dia.940mm-1pc)

       1pc (dia.1800mm)

    Disc motor power


    Total installed power


    Disc lifting/lowering stroke


    Max. cutting block size

    3000x1200x750mm (LxWxH)

    Cooling water


    Machine length


    Machine width


    Machine height


    Approximate weight