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Granite Top Table Saw for Countertop Fabrication


granite top table saws In modern houses, stone countertops and vanity tops are widely used. They not only offer convenience for our home life, but also add elegance to the beauty of our house room. To fabricate a stone slab into a countertop or vanity top as we see at our homes, the fabricators possibly have used some different machines to make it happen. For example, saw machine to cut the edge and sink, edge polishing machine to profile and polish edge, drilling machine to drill hose holes. Now we have developed a granite top table saw which has integrated functions of all those machines. It surely reduces very much of machine investment for countertop and vanity top fabricators.

For countertop fabrication, you can mount a diamond blade onto the granite top table saw spindle first for edge cutting. You need to think out what shape you would like the countertop to be and use a ruler and pencil or marking pen to draw cutting lines on the countertop surface. Then put the countertop on machine table and start the saw blade to cut stone edge. The blade forwarding is manual. So the operator must move the blade strictly according to the pre-marked cutting lines.

After edge cutting, the next step is to cut a big hole on the countertop for sink. Because the granite top table saw is not a CNC machine, it can’t cut the sink automatically. You need to have a template to guide the machine. Clip the countertop as well as the template on the work table. Template is right behind the countertop. Replace the saw blade with a milling bit on the spindle and tilt the spindle to be vertical to the countertop. There is a touching rod stretch out from the machine head to copy the shape of template. Start the machine and move the machine head following template shape to cut on the countertop until the milling head cut through the countertop.

Countertop outer edge cut by saw blade and sink inner edge cut by milling bit need to be polished. You can mount profile wheel onto the spindle first to shape the edge, then use polishing wheel of same shape to polish the edge smooth. The granite top table saw is qualified for polishing countertop not thicker than 40mm. If you find some areas on the countertop top surface are not shining enough, you can also use this machine to polish countertop top surface.


The last step is to drill hose holes on the countertop. You just need to mark it on the countertop surface, mount drilling bit onto the spindle and downward the drilling bit to the site of marks. Most countertops come in thickness 20mm. They can be drilled through very easy. Till that, a finished product is done.