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How to Clad Stone Veneers on the Wall


stone bench sawsCraft stone veneer is a beautiful and elegant building material for exterior decoration. It can be attached onto the walls of fiber cement sheet, concrete and bricks. Though it seems to be easy to install the craft stone veneers, actually it requires some skills. So for the cladding in house and office, it is better to have it done by an experienced installer. For application in other places, such as garden wall, you can try to make it by yourself in DIY manner since it only requires a rough work. Either experienced installer or amateur installer, there is some know-how that every installer should be known before starting the cladding.

All wall surfaces must be clean and dry, where the craft stone veneers are going to be attached. If the wall surface is covered by paint, remove the paint first and then clean the wall surface back to the base material. If you have enough budget, it is better to apply a primer or waterproof liquid on the wall surface before cladding.

To bond craft stone veneer to the substrate, you need to have a suitable adhesive which is a specially formulated proprietary product for stone cladding. Remember to use it strictly following the manufacturer’s instructions. To lay veneer stones, simply apply sufficient mortar to the back of the stone with a masonry trowel and press firmly onto the wall. In the place where the stone veneer has to be shaped to fit the area, you can cut the veneer by a stone bench saw with diamond blade or other portable small saws.

Cladding start from corners and forwarding to the middle. Once corner stones are in place, fill the spaces in between with flat stones. It may be helpful to mark the wall with a chalk line to help with straight and level placement of the stones. Avoid getting adhesive onto the surface of the stones. Once finished, clean up the job site and admire your work.