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How to Install Granite Tile Backsplash


stone top table saws chinaYou can often find granite countertops in modern kitchens, as well as granite tile backsplash installed behind the granite countertops. The granite tile backsplash serves as a protector of the wall right behind the countertops, preventing sink water from seeping into the wall surface. Moreover, the granite tile backsplash adds distinguished elegance and beauty to the room. Today our topic is on how to install granite tile backsplash for kitchen countertops.

Firstly, you should plan tile layout according to the installing area and tile’s size. So you will know what layout will enable you to use as many full-sized tiles as possible. If there is some space too small for a full size tile, divide it by two for partial tiles, one for each end of the backsplash.

Secondly, prepare the wall surface for tile installation. Clear the tile installation area of any fixtures or power outlets covers and then sand the wall surface as smooth as possible. Use a piece of chalk to mark the center point of the area to be tiled.

Thirdly, spread mastic evenly over the wall surface with a trowel, beginning at one of the outside edges and extending toward the center point. Place a tile onto the mastic and use a slight twisting motion to ensure that the rear of the tile is firmly attached to the mastic. Continue with the mastic and tile placement until you reach the end of the tile row. Cut partial tiles by stone top table saw and place them on backsplash edges. Wait 24 hours for the mastic to dry.

Finally, spread tile grout in the joints between adjoining tiles. Fill the joints to the level of the tile surfaces. And apply a line of caulk in the joint between the backsplash and the countertop or sink, using a caulk gun. Fill the joint with the caulk along the tile edge. The caulk provides additional moisture protection for the wall.