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How to Make Marble Countertop with Table Saws


marble top table saws chinaAs often as you see countertop in a kitchen, it is made of granite slab. But in some houses, kitchen countertop is also made by marble slab with unique beauty. Marble is softer than granite, so it is easier to fabricate. Before you starting to process the marble slab into a countertop, inspect its surface and measure all sizes first. Then you can decide on how to cut it into different pieces of the countertop, for example, the work top, back splash, side and front splashes, etc. Mark lines on slab surface and cut carefully following the pre-marked lines on a marble top table saw. Make sure that all parts are cut into right shape and size, no cracking on edges and corners.

The next step is edge treatment. Usually the countertop edge is profiled into half bull nose, full bull nose and beveled edge. An automatic edge shaping machine and profiling wheels make it very easy and highly efficient. But in some facilities, people profile the edge by hand. It requires skills and experience in the workers. Sometimes, the countertop is required to have a thick edge. In this case, we need to make the edge thick first. The way to make it is to stick a marble strip to the bottom of counter top edge by adhesive. The contact surface should be rough for better adhesive strength and the aperture should be 0.1-0.2mm. When the adhesive get hardened, the thick edge can be processed in the profiling machine.

After edge treatment, we need to make sink cut-out and water tap holes on the work top, drill smaller holes beneath the countertop for sink installation. Both the sink cut-out and hole drilling can be done by machines. But the sink cut-out is a harder work than hole drilling. For most machines, you need to have a template of you desired shape to guide the machine making sink cut-out. The advanced CNC controlled machine can work it automatically without template. Of course, the CNC machine is much more expensive.

The inner edge of the sink also needs to be polished. It should be treated to have the same finish as the countertop surface. Lastly, we need to have a final inspection on the ready product and mend the places where cracks or be scratched. If the countertop is a big size one, it is advisable to reinforce it by attaching steel bars to the bottom to avoid breaking during transportation and installation.